Monday, April 2, 2012

»Blunkett bites the dust

Blunkett bites the dust

A while back I blogged the rumour David Blunkett was on his way back to the Home Office. Breaking news indicates that his sleazy behaviour on share dealing has earned it’s true reward: a bullet in the nape of the neck.

For him it is the end. Finally.

At least I think so. Blair always used Blunkett as his foil at the Home Office because Blunkett was as contemptuous of freedom and civil liberties as him. Blunkett could be Mr Nasty for him. Blair has had some subsequent difficulty finding a loony replacement in the Blunkett mould to continue the war on civil liberties, I mean look at Clarke - if you can bear it that is, so he may be hoping for Blunkett’s long term rehabilition. The rehabilitation he isn’t prepared to offer prisoners. I’m very probably being pessimistic.

And if someone can just run over his children and guide dog my day will close with a happy smile.