Monday, April 2, 2012

»Bush nominee Alito's a boost to technologists?

Bush nominee Alito's a boost to technologists? reports that Alito may be tech industry friendly. The US Supreme Court has heard many pivotal tech cases in recent times: Sony Grokster etc. While it could have been better, the Grokster decision was not the disaster it could have been to the tech industry (even if the entertainment is painting it as such for intimidation purposes). If the report of Alito taking a restricted view of the proprietorial interests in copyright is right and of his being industry friendly (though that is a decidedly mized blessing in other contexts) then his appointment comes regretably late.

Nonetheless there will be future battles and one hopes he will realise that the US economic interest is far better served by protecting the innovative tech sector rather than the regressive protectionist entertainment one.

Unfortunately he also seems pro-executive and pro-police so he’s something of a curates egg.